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"Chelsea is the unrivalled art capital of New York City"

Tucked away on Manhattan's west side, the area has changed dramatically from industrial-no-man's-land to contemporary art Mecca since the mid-90s, when galleries started relocating from SoHo. Now, hundreds of galleries call Chelsea home, making it a world-class location for up-to-the-minute contemporary art.


On a standard, two-hour walking tour,
we visit eight to ten art galleries, sampling from the most important shows of the moment.  At each venue, Merrily gives information on the galleries themselves and the artwork on display – questions and conversation are encouraged!


With exhibitions changing every five to six weeks, there is always something new to see and each tour has its own dynamic.  Your itinerary will include a range of galleries selected to orient you to an energizing mix of artwork in different media by emerging talents and internationally acclaimed artists.



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