New York Art Tours

Artists are creative, sure. But the sheer variety and visionary talent on display in New York’s galleries can still come as a shock. Dozens of penguins responding to your movements in an interactive display? Saw it. Multi-screen video of a band playing a tune so beautiful it moved many to tears? Loved it. Hungry for some super-skilled watercolor painting? We’ll go there! Join one of Merrily’s scheduled group tours, and find out why people keep coming back for their art fix.

On our two-hour tour, we’ll visit approximately seven to eight exhibitions, seeing and discussing the most important shows of the moment in variety of media. Tours take place rain or shine and meet in a different specified gallery location for each tour.

best contemporary art in chelsea

Visit the most important and talked about exhibitions of the moment in Chelsea - the heart of New York's international gallery scene. With exhibitions changing every five to six weeks, there is always something new to see. Your itinerary will include a range of galleries for an energizing mix of artwork in different media by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists.

Tickets are $40pp. You can register to reserve a place and pay cash on the day, or buy tickets in advance for convenience.

january 2016

Sat 16th, 1:30 - 3:30

february 2016

Wed 3rd, 11am - 1pm

Thur 11th, 11am - 1pm

Sat 13th, 11am - 1pm

Wed 24th, 11am - 1pm

Sat 27th, 4 - 6pm

march 2016

Thur 3rd, 11am - 1pm

Sat 12th, 1:30 - 3:30

Wed 16th, 11am - 1pm

Sat 19th, 4  - 6pm

Thur 24th, 11am - 1pm

Sat 26th, 11am - 1pm

Wed 30th, 11am - 1pm

april 2016

Thur 7th, 11am - 1pm

Wed 13th, 11am - 1pm

Sat 16th, 2 - 4pm

Thur 21st, 11am - 1pm

Wed 27th, 11am - 1pm

Sat 30th 10:30 - 12:30

may 2016

Thur 5th, 11am - 1pm

Fri 13th, 11am - 1pm

Sat 14th, 2 - 4pm

Wed 25th, 11am - 1pm

june 2016

Thur 2nd, 11am - 1pm

Fri 10th, 11am - 1pm

Tues 14th, 11am - 1pm

Sat 18th, 10:30 - 12:30

Thur 23rd, 11am - 1pm

july 2016

Wed 6th, 11am - 1pm

Wed 20th, 11am - 1pm

best art on the lower east side

On the Lower East Side, we'll visit veteran galleries and outside-the-box spaces as we see some of the city’s most cutting edge art. Smaller and more experimental than most Chelsea galleries, LES venues are often surprising and never dull.

Tickets are $40pp. You can register to reserve a place and pay cash on the day, or buy tickets in advance for convenience.

february 2016

Sat 6th, 4 - 6pm

march 2016

Sat 5th, 1 - 3pm

april 2016

Sat 9th, 1 - 3pm

Sat 23rd, 4 - 6pm

may 2016

Sat 7th, 4 - 6pm

Sat 21st, 4 - 6pm

june 2016

Sat 4th, 1 - 3pm

Sat 25th, 4 - 6pm

july 2016

Thur 14th, 11:15 - 1:15

Thur 28th, 11:15 - 1:15